October 1, 2023

Freddy movie review: Kartik Aaryan is getting better in roles

Balaji Motion Pictures, NH Studioz and Northern Lights Films’ Freddy is a thriller.

Freddy Ginwala (Karthik Aryan) is a dentist. There is a lack of self-confidence, due to which he is still single. Even as he is in search of a life partner, he falls in love with a married woman, Kainaz Irani (Alaya F), who is mentally and physically hurt by her husband Rustum (Sajjad Delafrooz) . Freddy asks Kainaz to let Rustom out but when he sees her hesitating, he vows to kill Rustom to free her from his clutches.

Freddy now sets out to do something he’d never imagined possible. Can Freddy succeed in his mission? What is it that shocks Freddy after killing Cain’s husband? Can Freddie and Canaz live happily ever after?

Parvez Shaikh has written a story and screenplay which is out of the ordinary. The element of adventure runs throughout the play and hence, keeps the audience involved. The story post interval is especially interesting as the audience is curious to know what will happen next and how. However, an obvious question continues to haunt the audience, which Sheikh has not even addressed,The question that haunts the public is why did Freddy decide to kill Rustum, not asking Kainaz to divorce him? After the divorce of Kainaz and Rustum, Freddie and Kainaz could have been legally married and lived happily ever after.

FREDDY killed Rustum

It is not that Freddy killed Rustom in a fit of rage; It is a well thought out and well planned crime. Since Parvez Sheikh does not even touch upon the point of divorce, it becomes the biggest negative point of the play as it comes in the way of the enjoyment of the subsequent play. Aseem Arora’s dialogues are very real.

Roles and performance

Kartik Aaryan has done a great job in that role, which he has never done before. He performs with Pancake. While he plays a Parsi, he does not have any of the characteristics of a Parsi person – neither in his style of talking nor in other characteristics. Alaya F Kainaz is brilliant in the role as Irani.She plays the character with confidence which is commendable. Sajjad Delafrooz as Rustum has given good support. Karan Pandit is very good as Raymond. Naresh Kumar makes his presence felt in the role of Police Inspector Yadav. Ganesh Kumar is superb as Senior Police Inspector Rane.

Rajendra Arjun Kamble is good at his moment as the policeman (Rane’s assistant). Anasuya Chakraborty is impressive as Freddy’s receptionist. Myrna S. Dalal (as Freddy’s aunt) and Farid Khan (as Freddy’s bungalow caretaker) are naturals. Others provide the desired support and add to the drama.

Overall, Freddy is a good OTT. It is good that it has premiered on a digital platform as it does not do much theatrical business.Released on 2-12-’22 on Disney+ Hotstar.

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