October 1, 2023
Hindu-Dharm-Sources Of Inspiration If You Want Know To Gita Jayanti 2022: Lord Krishna Said In Bhagavad Gita

Sources Of Inspiration If You Want Know To Gita Jayanti 2022: Lord Krishna Said In Bhagavad Gita

Gita jayanti , Bhagavad Gita : Today, Geeta Jayanti festival is being celebrated with enthusiasm and happiness all over the country. On this day the teachings given by Lord Shri Krishna are read and a vow is taken to follow those teachings in life. The Gita is recited and listened to in most Hindu homes. This is because Shrimad Bhagavad Gita is considered to be the form of Shri Krishna and with the knowledge given in it, a person can remove the darkness of unrighteousness in his life.

Gita Jayanti festival is celebrated every year on the Ekadashi date of Shukla Paksha of Marshish month. This year this special festival is being celebrated today i.e. 03 December 2022, Saturday (Gita Jayanti 2022 Date) with great enthusiasm. On the day of Geeta Jayanti, many programs are also organized in the context of Bhagavad Gitaa and the work of spreading the teachings of Lord Shri Krishna to the masses is done by various religious institutions.

Lord krishna Said :

In the Bhagavad Gita, Lord Shri Krishna has revealed many mysteries of life. He has not only told about religion through Gita but has also made man aware about knowledge, intelligence, success in life etc. Let us also know those basic mantras of Gita, by which all kinds of unrighteousness go away and there is always happiness in life.

Lord Krishna said in Geeta do your work don’t worry about the result

Lord Shri Krishna explains in the Gita that every human being on earth gets the fruits according to his deeds. That’s why they should focus only on their actions and should not worry about the result. That’s why the person who does good deeds, God gives him the same result. Also one who takes pleasure in bad deeds has to suffer the same kind of life as punishment.

Control Your Anger

Shri Krishna had told the archer Arjuna in the battlefield of Mahabharata that anger is like poison for a person. It not only increases the number of enemies, but also increases the mental tension. Along with this, it has been told in the Gita that anger also creates a state of confusion, which has a bad effect on the power of thinking. That’s why controlling your anger is the best solution for a person.

Control the senses

It has been told in the Gita that human senses are very fickle. She very easily adopts wrong paths, due to which the person has to face many types of problems. That’s why he should have special control over his senses and especially over his mind. This is because the fickle mind increases the risk of getting involved in many types of bad deeds.

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