October 1, 2023

Important Things you have to Know about Zika Virus Infection

Karnataka has received the Zika virus. A five-year-old girl has been diagnosed with zikaa virus infection. State Minister of Health K. Sudhakar confirmed this and suggested taking safety protocols. The health department, according to him, is completely equipped to handle this situation.Everyone is thinking what’s the Zika virus , how it spreads, and how we can protect ourselves and our family members from it

What Is Zika Virus

First case found in Uganda: The virus was discovered in rhesus macaque monkeys in the African country of Uganda’s jungle in April 1947. The virus was named Zikaa in 1952 after being found in the Zikaa Forest.

Zika Virus in India

First Case Of Zika Virus In India

Three cases were reported in Gujarat, India, in 2017 and one in 2018. A virus infection was confirmed in a patient in Tamil Nadu in 2017. In September 2018, the first Zikaa virus case was found in Jaipur, Rajasthan. And after this, the virus spread to other states of the country, and the slowly spreading infection has now become a large epidemic.

How does the Virus spread?

The Zika virus is transmitted through mosquito bites, sexual contact, and blood transfusions. It can also be passed from a pregnant woman to her unborn child. The virus is typically transmitted through the bite of an Aedes mosquito. This virus’s mosquito bites at all hours of the day and night. It has the possibility of spreading from person to person.

Symptoms Of Zika VirusProcesses to protect against the Zika virus
2-muscle pain
3-body rash
4-get fever
5-filed in pairs
1-use mosquito net while sleeping
2-keep clean around the house
3-don’t have unprotected sex
4-cover the toilet seat
5-wear full sleeves
6-Do not come in contact with any infected person
7-Immediately wash your hands with soap and change or wash your clothes after coming in contact with an infected person.


Zikaa virus lives for a week in humans. If you see any symptoms of the virus, contact your doctor immediately and get a blood test or urine test done. If symptoms are seen in pregnant women, then they should get themselves examined immediately. Drink plenty of fluids during this time, which include water, coffee and juices etc.

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