October 1, 2023


According to Biden, it is “unlikely” that a Russian missile shot towards Poland.

In Kyiv on Tuesday, a residential structure was struck by a Russian missile attack. Firefighters are working to put out the fire.

Indonesia’s NUSA DUA and Ukraine’s KYIV Although the evidence was “preliminary,” President Biden said it was “unlikely” that a missile that exploded in eastern Poland was launched from Russia. He added that Poland’s partners would support a thorough inquiry.

The explosion occurred as Russia launched a barrage of missile attacks Tuesday on Ukrainian cities, destroying residential structures and cutting out electricity in urban areas. Just a few kilometres from Poland’s border with western Ukraine, an explosion at a grain processing plant in the neighbouring country claimed the lives of two individuals.

Poland’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a late-night news statement that a “Russia-made missile had landed on the town of Prehoda,” and that it had summoned Russia’s envoy to demand an “immediate ceasefire.”

While this was going on, Russia claimed that any claims that its weapons had hit Poland were “intentional provocations.”

In order to discuss the incident, President Biden called a meeting of the G-7 leaders. To attend the G-20 conference, they were in Bali.

Bali has an urgent meeting called by Biden.

While the G-20 meeting was taking place in Bali, there were strikes.

For an urgent discussion about the explosion in Poland, President Biden summoned a small number of people together, including the leaders of the G-7 countries, the European Union, and the European Commission.

After then, Biden was questioned about whether the missile originated in Russia.

Biden stated, “There is early material that disputes that. “Until we have looked at it in detail, I don’t want to say that. However, given the “trajectory,” it seems improbable that it was shot from Russia, according to Biden.

But, he said, “We’ll see.

Prior to that, Biden contacted both NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg and Polish President Andrzej Duda. According to the White House, he reiterated America’s “ironclad commitment” during his phone discussion with Duda.

According to Ukraine, Russia launched approximately 100 missiles.

The air force in Ukraine said that throughout the course of several hours on Tuesday afternoon and evening, Russia fired around 100 missiles against Ukraine.

“Does anyone honestly believe that the Kremlin is genuinely interested in peace?” President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s senior advisor, Andriy Yermak, posted on Twitter. “It demands submission. But in the end, terrorists are always the losers.”

The assaults happened the day after the UN General Assembly passed a resolution calling on Russia to be held responsible for the conflict it is waging in Ukraine and to make restitution. And only last Friday, when it was forced to leave the strategically significant southern city of Kherson, Russia suffered a serious military based.

Ukraine claimed it downed over 70 of the 100 inbound missiles, but some others found their mark in the Ukrainian capital Kyiv, the cities of Kharkiv in the northeast, Lviv in the west, and Odesa in the south, among others.

According to Mayor Vitali Klitschko, two residential structures in Kyiv were struck, and one person was murdered.

An apartment building in Kiev was shown on video being completely consumed by flames and dense smoke.

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